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Below is a list of guidelines that we would like you to follow when playing on Draculon.  Thank you and enjoy playing on your world.  -ADMIN LEGNAM



  1. Always know the rules.  Ignorance of the rules will not be accepted as an excuse to avoid punishment.

  2. The Staff reserve the right to question players about anything done in-game.

  3. Gates and recalls are not offered to the players as a GM function.  Do not call a GM if you need a lift back to town.

  4. Harassment of players or staff will not be tolerated.  PERIOD.  This is a community, and everyone should behave appropriately.  Harassment may lead to jailing (for a period of not less than 7 real time days) or permanent banning from the shard.  Harassment will include using ICQ or other out of game means of communication for in-game issues repeatedly.  Especially if the staff member has already asked the player to cease.

  5. The staff will not boost stats, give out items, change your name or willingly give you titles.

  6. Use of third party programs is allowed as long as their use does not perform any actions that you can not perform with your keyboard or mouse.  Anyone caught using a third party program to exploit the shard, cheat, or produce any gains that are beyond the allowed actions of the game will be banned.

  7. Pages must be taken seriously by both staff and the players.  Be smart, page only if it is the last and only resort.  Non legit pages will be ignored and abuse of the page system will result in the jailing of the character or the banning of the account.

  8. Bug exploiters will not be tolerated.  If you find one that is exploiting a bug, get a screen shot of the offense and page a staff member the name of the character and the offense.  This also applies to abuse in the game by eather staff or players.  We do not, and will not tolerate matters of this type.  Think twice before you act for we will not accept any bribes or apologies.  If the offender has a dynamic IP, his/her ISP will be banned and any other users on that ISP will have to thank the offender for not being able to play on this shard.

  9. Please refrain from using your OSI account/password when creating an account on any player run shard.  It is unwise and we will take no responsibility if your OSI account becomes compromised.

  10. Do not give your account info to anyone PERIOD!!!  If a staff member wants your account info they can look it up if they have the security clearance to do so.  There is absolutely no reason for anyone to ask you and impersonators will be found out and banned, no questions asked.

  11. Staff positions will be open only when we need staff and this information will be posted on the Staff Positions page.  This is also where you can find out what GM is in charge of what area and you can e-mail them from there to ask questions pertaining to their job.  We will not hire GMs for anything other then what we have posted and therefore do not ask us that you wish to become part of the staff on any other day.  All factors of how you interact and play on this shard will dictate whether or not you are staff quality.

  12. If you have a complaint about a staff member do not post it on the bulletin board.  E-mail Tabiel about the situation and he will resolve it.

  13. If you think we are doing a "piss poor job" then let us know in a constructive well-mannered post on the web page.  We encourage feed back on whether or not we are doing a great job or not and we will try our best to make this a fun shard to play on.  However non-constructive posts will be ignored and deleted, they do not help in anyway and are frowned upon by the staff.

  14. This is not a straight out PKing shard.  This is a PVP and Guild War shard.  NO OUT RIGHT KILLING OF INNOCENT PLAYERS IS ALLOWED!!!  NO LOOTING of PKed bodies from someone eles kills even if it was a monster. This is called a NOTO PK.  Keeping your fame in tach.  We will have a weekly challenge time where if your pissed with an other character you can challenge them to a duel in our arena where you can fight to the death for prizes, but the one you challenge must agree to show up and fight you.  Guilds can declare war on other guilds and they can kill each other in this way, so be warned if you join a guild you can be killed in this situation.  For more info on wars and arena fighting check out ARENA GUIDELINES. 

  15. Racial slurring in general will not be tolerated.  If you run into someone slurring away take a screen shot and notify the staff as soon as possible.

  16. With regards to the T2A lands, we have tried our best for now to block them off and any pages of not being able to get back or that your lost will be ignored.

  17. If you see a GM helping out an other player, be courteous and wait till he/she is done helping that player.

  18. For the most part you will not see Staff members for it is a distraction to players around the area in which he/she is helping out someone.  Be courteous and respect the GM's wishes to stay invisible to all players.

  19. Quest and event ideas can be and will be directed via e-mail to the people in charge of such things only.  Any ideas posted on our msg boards will be ignored and never used.

  20. If you have script ideas, please send those ideas to the people in charge of messing with the scripts via their e-mail.

  21. This is an open shard for the most part, just send either of the ADMIN's an e-mail requesting an account, its that simple for players.

  22. This is a free shard and you like us, log onto the server computer and play for free.  If it goes down for any length of time do not blame us.  It is not our computer yet and by the good grace of the people that are hosting it, respect the time that it is either down or up.  Next year we hope to have our system built and running it on our own computer, so then you can yell at Legnam until then just moan to yourself and wait for it to go back online, and while your waiting click on our sponsor ADs to help our GMs and ADMIN off set the costs of the host running our shard.

  23. We DO allow macroing, but not in town, this will help keep down on any lag while in town.

  24. Each account will receive one free one room house to help start you on your way and to help us start populating the shard.  This is not per character, only one free house per account is allowed.  How ever there are hidden house deeds through out the shard for you to find, 5 total so good luck.

  25. Most importantly have fun on this shard.  We, like yourselves, want to have fun too, but this is hard work to maintain this shard so please don't add to our work load by not following any of our guidelines.  HAVE FUN!!!

  26. If anymore rules or guide lines are to be added, they will be announced on the main page first to warn you then when they go into effect they will be added here.