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Player Cities


  1. All Player cities will now be referred to as PRCs.

  2. The maximum distance between walls and houses will not exceed 7 tiles all the way around.

  3. The cost of walls around a PRC is 400gp per wall section.  Each wall section is on player step.

  4. There will be a maximum number of houses that can be within the walls of a PRC.  Players will be given two options here:

          1.    8 small to medium houses.
          2.    6 small to medium houses and 1 large structure

  5.    No Banks will be permitted.
6.    No spawn bits within the confines of the walls of any PRC.  This includes birds etc.
7.    No permanent gates or teleporters from PRC to PRC.
8.    You must get a GM to be mayor of your town and take charge of it.
9.    If players break the rules of a PRC the GM could lose his GM status.  Which means you     could lose your city because another GM might not want to take the chance on your city for fear he'll lose his status too.
10.  If a PRC loses their GM for any reason, they have 7 days to find a replacement before the town is demolished.