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Shards Reviewed 

Shards reviewed are in no certain order.  Some shards may have more then one review and will be shown together.  If you are a Shard GM, Admin, or even a player, we will allow you to write a short ad, review, or comment about your shard for others to see as well.  You must include your character name that others know you by, the shard you are on, your title if you are on the shard staff, if not say you are a player, your e-mail address then what ever you want to say in 30 words or less.  That does not include your information. Example: My char is Legnam, My Shard is Draculon, I am Host/Admin, My e-mail is , ( then write 30 words or less about the shard here). Shards are ranked from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best score.


Kingdom of Quests 
This Kingdom of Quest shard is what some ppl call a cookie cutter shard.  Its very plain in nature, I saw nothing that caught my eye as being different then any other shard.  The first 3 times I logged in there was only one other player on, and I never ran into him.  That was a week ago, I checked in tonight and found I had to start my account all over again, and there was no one logged in to play.  This shard hasn't been up very long so this might account for some of it.  The two GMs that I stopped and questioned were very friendly and corruptive.  But over all this shard is very plain as is their website.  We ranked this shard a 3.  Legnam

Eternal Myst
The Eternal Myst shard is a very nice shard.  You must go to their web page and fill out the application to get an account.  9 out of 10 ppl who fill out the app. don't get an account.  The reason?  Lame answers and lines not filled in.  Here is a hint, even though it says you do not have to fill in all the questions, you stand a better chance if you do.  The approval or denial takes 2 to 3 days, use this time to check in to their irc chat room which you can enter right off their web page.  This will get you brownie points if you can catch a GM in there to chat with.  It might even speed up the waiting period.  Read all the info on their web site, you'll need it once you get your account.  They have races and classes as well as special commands for each that you use in game.  They must have very good scripters for the world abounds with unique items, as well as 3 new cities which means you'll have to download their map files in order to even play.  This world is very hard, stats don't go up very fast.  They do have a newbie town where you start and you must stay there for a minimum of 1 hour before you can use a teleport stone to go to Brit. but you can stay there for up to 10 hrs, or go back there until your char. is 10 hours old.  They have doors on empty buildings in towns that will give you a menu when clicked on asking if you would like to buy the building and telling you the cost of the building, very nice touch.  They have a teleport room which you go to by typing .ruin, this brings a teleport crystal to you that you set on the ground and has a timer so you may not use it for 60 secs. then once you click on it you go to a moongate room where ruins are layed on the floor numbering 1 to 12.  Clicking on 5 of these ruins will turn the blue moongate gold meaning you can walk into it and be transported to that city.  Although you must figure out what the code is for each city.  Over all this is a very nice shard, some of the faults I found was the one new city I went to lagged me real bad even though i believe they used world forge to build them.  Next I found a few areas that were over populated with animals, this lagged as well.  The one thing I would like to see on this shard is perhaps a power hour, a random hour where skills move up just a little faster.  We rank this shard a 9.  Legnam