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NEWS  11-14-01

Well since all the shards we have reviewed have shut down, shows those of you that come here and read that we were right, we will start with new reviews of shards, this mo. we are working on the Kingdom of Quest shard, once we have moved on to another shard I will post the findings of this shard and add their site to our links page.  Happy gaming till then.

Thanks, Draculon Staff - Legnam


NEWS  11-03-01

Greetings Travelers,

Welcome to Draculon, where our search for a shard as well as a home to play,  takes place everyday.  Life has gotten in the way of keeping this two year old shard running so my staff and I, as well as my devoted players are looking for a HOME.  But so many shards out there how do we pick one?  This question has lead us to keeping our webpage running and turning it into a review site where you can read where we have been and what we thought of each shard in our search.  For the background story on Draculon please read the history.  This is not a flame site and regardless of what we thought of a shard we are trying to keep this a professional review site in which we rank each shard.   I will not allow the reviews on this site to be vulgar, rude, or total flaming, its not what any of us want.  How ever as a protection to my staff and players only my E-MAIL addy will be posted.   If you would like your shard reviewed for players to read about you, please read the Shard Criteria.  Also if you play on one of these sites listed here and would like to share your view, e-mail me with your comments under 50 words please.  We have just started reviews this month, so this might be slow for awhile.

Thanks, Draculon Staff - Legnam



NEWS  11-02-01

News for our devoted fans.  I talked to Legnam yesterday and he's working on our world again, has been for over a month I guess.  Most of you probably don't know why we shut down, because Legnam moved to the country.  But he told me that he is looking at a satellite system for the internet and is already buying an AMD 1.8 ghz with 512 memory and a 40 gig 10000 rpm HD.  That should rock although I think Legnam sucks.  I need that system more then him. LOL Oh well, he hopes to be up by May of 2002, cross your fingers.

Thanks, Draculon Staff - GM Blade



NEWS  10-18-00


Thanks, Draculon Staff - Admin Legnam


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